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Whatever happened to academic freedom in America’s public schools? [Excerpts]
Evolutionary scientists throughout America are running scared. They see the inroads being made by creationists who have been educating the public about the bankruptcy of the molecules-to-man evolutionary belief system. Most recently, their alarm has been manifested in how many of them are attempting to intimidate school board members who have decided that students should be able to critically analyze evolution.
On the heels of a big “win” that secularists saw in Dover, Pennsylvania, late last year, where a federal judge ruled that students could not hear a short statement about intelligent design, some emboldened evolutionists raised the specter of court action in Ohio if the Ohio State Board of Education did not remove a guideline which indicated that science teachers were allowed to give "critical analysis" of evolution. (The Ohio standards did not mandate that intelligent design or biblical creation be taught in schools, though.)
[February 16th], the state school board, meeting in Columbus, kowtowed to the evolutionist activists and effectively voted (11-4) to accept the dubious argument that somehow allowing evolution to be analyzed critically was the same as introducing intelligent design in the classroom. When Ohio Governor Bob Taft indicated a few days ago that over time he would be selecting new board members who would not be critical of evolution, the vote yesterday to remove the "critical analysis" of evolution guideline was not surprising.
Obviously, the secular humanists involved here and in other states don’t want students to even know that there is observational evidence in science that totally contradicts molecules-to-man evolution. Thus they exert legal pressure and even propose legislation (as is being discussed in Wisconsin) to give special protection to the teaching of evolutionary ideas in public schools (http://www.answersingenesis.org/docs2006/0215ohio.asp)
[TBC: No matter how you slice it, hypocrisy is hypocrisy. This is no attempt to teach critical thinking. The evolutionary team is only interested in indoctrination with a viciousness no less intellectually barren than the cliche fundamentalist which so populates what passes for satire today. It also begs the question, "if the evidence overwhelmingly supports evolution, why is it not allowed to be tested?" Unfortunately, then you would have real science, and that's not something secularists are interested in as it raises too many embarrassing questions.]