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TBC Staff

In a broadcast entitled "The root of all evil?" British evolutionist Richard Dawkins engaged in a rant against what he considers the greatest threat facing humanity.
"I'm very concerned about the religious indoctrination of children. I want to show how faith acts like a virus that attacks the young and infects generation after generation . . . It's time to question the abuse of childhood innocence with superstitious ideas of hellfire and damnation. And I want to show how the scriptural roots of the Judeo-Christian moral edifice are cruel and brutish . . . What in the 21st century are we doing venerating a book [the Bible] that contains such stuff? . . . . The God of the Old Testament has got to be the most unpleasant character in all fiction -- jealous and proud of it, petty, vindictive, unjust, unforgiving, racist, an ethnic cleanser urging His people on to acts of genocide . . . When it comes to children, I think of religion as a dangerous virus. It's a virus which is transmitted partly through teachers and clergy, but also down the generations from parent to child to grandchild. Children are especially vulnerable to infection by the virus of religion."
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TBC: Like many programs shown on British television, this will probably make its way to American television via Public Broadcasting, via your tax dollars and any pledges made. "The Root of All Evil?" was first broadcast in January 2006, in two 45 minute episodes (excluding commercials), on Channel 4 in the UK.