Chimp DNA |

TBC Staff

[TBC: Evolutionists commonly toss around the idea that the DNA of chimps and man is very close with (the figures vary) 95-99% compatibility. Here are some things they do not tell you.]
Here are some other interesting differences between the human and chimp genomes which are often not reported:
The chimp genome is 12% larger than the human genome.
Only 2.4 billion bases have been aligned between the two genomes, leaving a maximum similarity of 68–77%.
In many areas of the genome, it appears major rearrangements of DNA sequences have occurred, accounting for another 10–20% dissimilarity.
Chimps have 46 chromosomes and humans have 44 chromosomes (excluding sex chromosomes for both species).
To save money and time, the chimp genome was assembled using the human genome as a template (because of the presupposition that humans evolved from the same line as chimps); it is currently unknown if the pieces of the chimp genome "puzzle" were put together properly (