China crackdown on Christians increasing |

TBC Staff - EN

Former political prisoner says China crackdown worsening

Earlier this week, OneNewsNow reported that Pastor Huang Yizi was sentenced to one year in prison.

His crime? He was protesting the government's removal of crosses, and destruction of houses of worship in eastern China, and was charged with "disturbing public order."

Bob Fu, president of China Aid and a former political prisoner there, says the situation is grim.

"Last year alone, according to our own documented records," says Fu, "we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of arrests."

Nearly 3,000 people were arrested, China Aid reports, and over 18,000 were persecuted in some way.

Nearly 1,000 churches in China were either destroyed or the crosses torn down from atop the buildings, and hundreds of believers were beaten, some remaining in serious condition.

Fu predicts the persecution will continue under a new presidency, which he says is increasing its power and tyrannical control.

In 2014, over 955 political dissidents were arrested, which is twice the previous two years combined.