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DAILY READINGS: Judges:11:29 to 12:15; Isaiah 32; 1 Cor:10:14 to 11:1

Truly this was the Son of God.  —Matthew:27:54

Truly this man was the Son of God. —Mark:15:39

Certainly this was a righteous man.  —Luke:23:47

All three quotations of the centurion's words are slightly different. Matthew's is an affirmation that He is the Lord from Heaven. Luke highlights His perfect humanity. And Mark ties both together, showing the unique union of both. Only in God's Word can we find such treasures; statements which appear to differ on the surface, yet each one absolutely true. —Rick Morse

How didst Thou humble Thyself to be taken.
Led by Thy creatures and nailed to the cross.
Hated of men, and of God too forsaken,
Shunning not darkness, the curse, and the loss. —H d'A Champney