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August 8
DAILY READINGS: 1 Samuel 15; Isaiah 54; Romans:1:18-32
The Lord is thy keeper... Psalm:121:5
Our keeper. What a grand title for the Lord. It means that He is tending, guarding and protecting us. His eyes are constantly upon us and His ears are continually open to our cry (Ps:34:15). He is never weary in His care over us (Isa:40:28). He neither slumbers nor sleeps (Ps:121:4). In other words, He is ever aware, always alert and eternally awake. Why has He taken this work upon Himself? His great redeeming love is everlasting. —Rex Trogdon
Keep Thou my all, O Lord, hide my life in Thine;
O let Thy sacred light over my pathway shine;
Kept by Thy tender care, gladly the cross I’ll bear;
Hear Thou and grant my prayer, hide my life in Thine.
—Fanny J. Crosby
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