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September 21
DAILY READINGS: 1 Kings:13:1-32; Jeremiah 23; Colossians:1:21 to 2:7
I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth. Ecclesiastes:10:7
Oh the upside down values of this world! Those who have nothing in the "Bank of Heaven" walk as if they are royalty, while the one who is rich toward God is lowly esteemed. One shamelessly glorifies sin to the world’s applause, while the other, bowed in humility, labours on unnoticed. One day, the Lord will overturn this world’s corrupted values (Ezek:21:27). But until then, we testify to turn the world upside down (Acts:17:6), actually turning it right side up. Keep these things in mind as we make our way toward heaven. —Mark Kolchin
Precious, more precious, wealth that can never be told!
Oh, the unsearchable riches of Christ! Precious, more precious than gold.
—Fanny Crosby
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