Choice Gleanings - February 14 |


February 14 - Choice Gleanings

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DAILY READINGS: Exodus 4; Psalm 34; Acts 1

To all that be in Rome, beloved of God… Romans:1:7

God has given His children names: believer, Christian, servant and many others. The name that warms my heart is "beloved of God". "Beloved" means dear to the heart or precious. The Lord Jesus said that the Father loves us just as the Father loved Him (John:17:23). God called His son "Beloved" and we are called beloved of God. We are dear to the heart of God. We are precious to Him. —Bob Cretney

In the Beloved, God’s marvelous grace
Calls me to dwell in this wonderful place;
God sees my Saviour, and then He sees me,
In the Beloved, accepted and free.
— W. P. Loveless