Choice Gleanings - May 11 |


May 11 - Choice Gleanings

 DAILY READINGS: Numbers:22:1-38; Proverbs 19; James 3 to 4:12

…God…condemned sin in the flesh. Romans:8:3

The flesh is a deadly enemy. When a house is condemned, it is deemed unfit for anyone to live in. It may be unsanitary, dangerous, or contaminated and thus not suitable or safe for anyone to habitate. So it is with the flesh. It is unsanitary, weak, contaminated and deathproducing. It must be put to death. Let us walk by the Spirit and live.—Shane Johnson

I left it all with Jesus long ago;

All my sins I brought Him, and my woe:

When by faith I saw Him on the tree,

Heard His still, small whisper, "'Tis for thee."

—E. H. Willis

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