Choice Gleanings - May 22 |


May 22 - Choice Gleanings

 DAILY READINGS: Numbers:35:9 to 36:13; Proverbs 31; Luke:5:17-39

…When he made mention of the ark of God… 1 Samuel:4:18

Eli was, by all accounts, a failure. Whether we see him as a priest or a father, he struggled in carrying out his duty. His poor response to Hannah's prayer and his ineptitude towards his immoral sons, are two examples of failure, both in the temple and the home. That's why our text stands out. Eli had just heard of Israel's defeat, as well as his sons' deaths (4:17); but his greatest alarm was at the loss of the ark. We don't know his thoughts about the first two issues, but it was the news of the ark—a symbol of God's presence and power—that moved him. Did this reveal his true priorities? Amid all his weaknesses and failings, his heart was still soft towards the things of God. —N. C. Funston

God, renew us by your Spirit! Come in gladness, hearts console!

Grant us joy so we may share it! Oh, restore us; make us whole!—J. Dalles

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