Christian College Ignoring 'False Teacher,' Says Pennsylvania Group |

TBC Staff

A Christian group is asking an Assemblies of God Bible college in Pennsylvania to drop a frequent guest chapel speaker because of his heretical beliefs. But the school's president is defending his decision to invite a man who holds to universalist theology and an unbiblical view of homosexuality.

Dr. Don Meyer says he is not backing down from his decision to once again welcome Dr. Tony Campolo to preach in Valley Forge Christian College, a small four-year college located northwest of Philadelphia. Campolo, a well-known media commentator on religious, social and political matters, often preaches with his wife in homosexual-affirming churches, where he has stated that the homosexual "did not choose homosexuality," but is rather "a victim either of biological accident or someone else's folly" (Jim Brown, AgapePress

[TBC: If what Campolo teaches is true (that people do not choose to favor homosexual attraction, but are born “wired” that way) then how can he preach that God is a loving Father? What kind of loving God would clearly condemn homosexual behavior, while at the same time predestining certain beings to be born as homosexuals?].