Christian Ed Part 2 |

TBC Staff

[TBC: We have previously excerpted from Teaching Religion in Public Schools, an article highlighting new government guidelines. Following are further points from the guidelines.]

Theme # 3. Christianity has had a horrendously negative impact on the world. The power-point presentation which includes the assault on the Protestant Reformation also includes a long litany of wars that were supposedly caused by Christianity -­ followed by allegations of unending strife in the colonies said to have been caused by Christianity, then followed by a description of Christian missions in the new world which compares these missions to Nazi-style concentrations camps. Following is the content of a power-point slide the seminar uses to describe what the Christian missions in America supposedly were like:

“The Mission as Concentration Camp:

* Use of corporal, extreme and lethal punishment

* Punishments typically administered in public

* Any deviation from highly structured routine is quickly met with severe punishment

* Any demonstration of sub-standard Spanish or Latin, or the Christian Faith, is met with quick and severe punishment

* Men separated from women

* Children separated from adults

* Indians who attempt to run away are hunted down, captured, at times executed, though predominantly beaten and incarcerated

* Spanish is the primary language; Latin is secondary and utilized in Church

* Epidemic diseases proved to be the most significant factor in colonial efforts to overcome native resistance.”

Notice that the description above uses the word “punishment” four times.

Is this an accurate description of Christian missions in the new world? Absolutely not! We actually have here the indoctrination of our children by the hate-America and hate-Christianity crowd. Remember that truth is not an issue for those committed to transformational education.

[TBC: One might add that what is being held as Christian practices is often a reference to Institutional Catholicism.]