Christian Ed Part 3 |

TBC Staff

[TBC: Here is part 3 of “Teaching Religion in Public Schools.“ These governmental guidelines should be a matter of concern for every Christian.]

Theme # 4. The religions of the native peoples are highly beneficial to the lives of their followers. In contrast to the seminar’s depiction of Christianity, the perspective presented on native religions is totally positive. In addition, these pagan religions are described in terms of what the seminar titled their “Overarching Indigenous Religions Similarities.” By reducing the “indigenous religions” to their similarities, they are actually promoting the mystical theology of New Age/Pantheism guru, Joseph Campbell.

Campbell said that all religions are constructs of their culture, but the common themes of the world’s religions, he said, describe the real spiritual world. Following his lead, the seminar is implying that these common themes of pagan religions are the correct religious doctrines for all people In this way teaching “Religion in American History” is not only a denigration of Christianity, it is a promotion of New Age/Pantheism at the same time.

Entirely absent is any recognition of the overwhelmingly positive role of Christianity in the world. Where, for example, did the Western movement to abolish slavery come from? It came from Christianity and its insistence that all people are created in God’s image equally. And where did our nation’s concept of God-given inalienable rights to life, liberty and property come from? It came largely from the Christian church and its doctrines of natural law and creation.

Where did our recognition of the importance of limited government come from? Or our insistence on there being universal standards of right and wrong? Or our adoption of the principle that we are all created equal by God and are, for that reason, all equal before government? All these foundational principles of our country came largely from Christianity.

And how about the guidelines Christians follow for the way we are to treat one another? (Genuine historians know we should go to the original documents to answer such questions.) What model did Jesus himself provide for the way we should treat one another? Was it a Nazi-style concentration camp? Or was it the parable of the Good Samaritan? You be the judge.

What we actually are facing, in the name of teaching “Religion in American History” in public schools, is a concerted attack on Christianity based on lies and distortions along with indoctrination into New Age/Pantheism (which just happens to be the religion of the Earth Charter and other UN related documents). It’s coming to a school near you -­ if its not there already.