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TBC Staff

Christian GP in legal battle after asking 'suicidal' patient about his faith [Excerpts]

A doctor accused of ‘inappropriately’ discussing his devout Christian faith during a consultation with a patient yesterday launched a legal battle to avoid being sanctioned.

Dr Richard Scott, 51, appeared before a disciplinary hearing after allegedly talking to the patient about Jesus in a way the General Medical Council described as ‘insensitive, exploitative and inappropriate’.

The GMC [General Medical Council] heard Dr Scott had ‘crossed the line’ by allegedly suggesting the  ‘suicidal and vulnerable’ patient could  be helped by Christianity rather than  his own faith.

The married GP is one of six Christian partners at a medical centre which states on its website that spiritual matters are likely to be discussed with patients during consultations.

Dr Scott, who used to be a medical missionary in Tanzania and India, says he gave the patient a full medical consultation, but felt he needed help to get out of a rut.

So at the end of the appointment, he began talking about his own Christian belief, saying it could give him ‘comfort and strength’. But afterwards, the 24-year-old told his mother ‘he just said I need Jesus’, prompting her to file a complaint.

The patient, who was seen by the GP at the Bethesda Medical Centre in Margate, Kent, felt Dr Scott had 'belittled' his own faith, the GMC heard ‘He suggested Jesus or Christianity – his own religion – offered something exclusive and superior to that offered by the patient’s own religion.’

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