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TBC Staff

'Christian' media swings left [Excerpts]

David Neff is editor-in-chief for Christianity Today. The magazine is still considered to be mainstream and representative of evangelicals. It was founded when Ike was president, and it is amazing how many Christians consider CT to be their friend. In reality, it is center-left and fairly contemptuous of the issues conservative Christians hold dear.

Witness Neff's recent Facebook post, in which he cites a Wall St. Journal piece about the Ground Zero mosque. Neff said that "all the negative attention" the mosque project has received has in fact helped amass a war chest for the building of the mosque. Again, Neff was citing the WSJ article, but one wonders why he seems to aim a weird web of blame at Americans who find the mosque both offensive and potentially dangerous. Of course, the editorial staff at CT has a long history of center-left stances.

In 1998, CT ran a cover story in which the target was evangelicals who support Israel and the teaching of Bible prophecy. It was a real hatchet job, complete with caricature figures of key prophecy teachers on the cover. It was deeply offensive, but CT just rolls along, somehow fooling even conservative Christians who think the magazine's keepers are "one of us."

Writer/blogger/activist/teacher/celebrity Brian McLaren churns out books and blogs and appears serene and reasonable. He is popular today and is known for his tolerance.

Except that he's not tolerant at all. Read his blogs and discover what he thinks of what we'll call Bible-believing Christians. He believes the so-called Christian Zionists are fairly dangerous to world peace. He'll never criticize those who are actually dangerous, such as Muslims, who can't believe their good luck that so many don't see the symbolic nature of the Ground Zero mosque.

And I've written before about the seismic changes going on in Christian book publishing circles. The fact is, many of the same people move in and out of these various communities, from the pure book publishers to magazine staffers. If CT pumps the books of, say, Baker Publishing Group, we understand they are promoting a shift toward the views of the so-called Emergents, whose Jell-o-like theology is hard to pin down … except when they are criticizing Bible-believing Christians.

Another example of the leftward drift of Christian media is found in the online version of Relevant magazine (published by Charisma publisher Stephen Strang's son, Cameron).

In a new article entitled "Gay and Christian?" Joel Wentz writes, "Until we begin to adopt humility and critically examine our own assumptions regarding this topic, I fear little progress will be made in reconciling these two cultures. Perhaps it is not as simple as 'love the sinner, hate the sin.'"

The point I'd like to make is that here we see a prime example of the leftward drift among Christian media. A generation ago, while there would have been many examples of what we might call "gay bashing," there would also have been a theological stance that would clearly state the biblical view. Not so today. The Wentz article incorporates a narrative style that has proven to be effective today for those with the worldview of, say, Brian McLaren.

Today, we have a shift to the left. Formerly solid support for Israel, or the Bible in general, is now sliding to a presentation that would make the editorial staff of Pravda smile.