Christianity and Women |

TBC Staff

In "Atheists Need Christianity" we pointed out that atheist, Tom Holland, is a defender of the need for Christianity in his book, "Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World" Christianity elevated women in a cruel culture. Vishal Mangalwadi, author of Third Education Revolution: From Home School To Church College, has spent a great deal of time demonstrating that literacy in most of the world is the result of Christianity down through history. John Stonestreet and Glenn Sunshine's article, "How Christianity Elevated Women Through Education" tells the story of a Japanese girl, Tsuda Umeka, who:

"Like other educational reformers of the period, Tsuda Umeka recognized the central connection between Western learning and Christianity. Her concern for women’s education was born from her childhood experience in America, and the influence of the Quakers. Her sense of personal calling was born out of a recognition of the inherent connection between Christianity, education, and the value and potential of women, a potential that the dominant worldview of her native culture lacked."

What about women in non-Christian nations today?  "Devadasi: Prostitution Under the Disguise of Religion" states that in India mostly pre-puberty girls "are married off to the Gods or deities and sexually exploited and discriminated thereafter." The number of those pressed into service is not small, currently over 4 million:

These girls who are dedicated ‘in the name of god’ are sexually exploited. They are stripped of their rights to marry any mortal man, inheritance rights, and the other basic fundamental rights that are guaranteed under the Constitution of India.

As Western culture abandons Christianity and returns to the paganism of the First century, I suggest, it will also return to the meanness and subjugation of the weaker in society, including women.