Christians Face Trial for Criticizing Muslims |

TBC Staff

Christians face trial for criticising Islam

The Christian Institute is backing a new and significant religious liberty case.

A Christian couple from Liverpool are being prosecuted for a criminal offence because they defended their faith and criticised Islam.

A criminal trial has been set for 8 and 9 December at Liverpool Magistrates' Court.

Police arrested Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang, who run the Bounty House Hotel in Liverpool, after a Muslim guest complained that she was offended by comments made on 20 March.

According to newspaper reports, the debate involved discussion of whether Jesus is the Son of God or just a minor prophet of Islam.

It is also alleged the debate included comments that Mohammed was a warlord and Muslim dress for women is a form of bondage. However, the facts of the case are disputed.

A major client of the couple's hotel has ceased referring guests because of the incident. This has led to a 80 per cent drop in the hotel's income, leaving the couple in financial difficulty.

Please pray: For Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang.

(Humphrey Dobson, The Christian Institute, Monday Newsletter, 21 September, 2009).