The Church of Global Warming |

TBC Staff

[TBC: Having forsaken the sure Word of God and consequently given up the only true solution to humanity’s need, groups such as the National Council of Churches can only parrot the world’s rhetoric: "’Because global climate change will effect [sic] us all, and those in poverty the most, it transcends religious and political divides and provides vibrant opportunities for faith communities to come together to address this global concern,’ implored Cassandra Carmichael, who directs the NCC’s ’eco-justice’ program" ("The Church of Global Warming," Tooley,, Thursday, February 21, 2008).]

Inadvertently, the very solutions to global warming are ideas which have demonstrably been tried and found wanting. It is instructive to consider the following remarks pointing us back to the Scriptures:
"Scriptures neither teach that the Lord favors all who are rich nor that His judgment is on all the poor or that poverty occurs because of a particular sin. In fact, the opposite may be true as in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke:16:20-31). The Bible teaches that at times the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer (Psalm 73). This is temporary, as Asaph writes in that Psalm. By no means does God make that the rule. The Bible teaches the wicked will not prosper ultimately, but the righteous will flourish (2 Chronicles:24:20, Deuteronomy:28:29). God may also cause an unrighteous nation to rise to prominence for a time according to His purpose. This is also temporary and such a nation eventually comes under God's judgment (Exodus:9:15-17 and Romans:9:17-18) as is evident from Egypt to Rome.

"I am not promoting a ’prosperity gospel’ which suggests success is always a sign of God's favour. This is a grave error since wicked people may prosper and it ignores Jesus' words ’seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you’ (Matthew:6:33—emphasis added).

"Clearly, our primary task is to obey the Lord; material blessing from God follows. We should not despise these blessings as ascetics do (Colossians:2:20-23). This is a Gnostic error asserting material things are base whereas God created them ’good’ (Genesis:1:31). Like Job, we should be prepared to see blessings removed and say ’The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord’ (Job:1:21).

"The prevailing humanistic worldview is flawed. It asserts the poor exist because of injustice. As such, they bear no responsibility for their situation and are entitled to something they did not earn. In essence, sinful envy and covetousness are legitimized. Help for the poor becomes a matter of fundamental justice, not mercy (which, by definition, is not deserved). The Bible teaches we all deserve nothing but God's judgment and any good we receive is mercy (cf Ps:130:3,4). The world points to Western excesses (rightfully to some extent) and claims that poor countries are right to riot against ’American Imperialism’ or other ’Western exploitation.’ Christians should reject this and point to the real reason for unrest in the world: rejection of the gospel and widespread sin."

(A Biblical Approach to Poverty, Zoltan Horvath,