The Church in the World |

TBC Staff

Neither the Bible nor research supports [the] move away from biblical ministry to psychological counseling. Rather than solving the problem of how to minister to the suffering soul, the church has: 1) abandoned the care of souls ministry, 2) sent the sheep elsewhere, 3) encouraged believers to train themselves in the ways of the world and "science falsely so-called, 4) embraced integration, which undermines and distorts Scripture, 5) brought psychological theories into the very heart of the church by employing paid therapists, by offering psychologically-based support groups, and by teaching the Bible from a psychological perspective.

Rather than seeing psychology through the lens of Scripture, most people now understand Scripture through the lens of psychology. That's how pervasive its influence has become, and it is one of the primary reasons why the church has become so worldly.

Martin & Deidre Bobgan  Christ-Centered Ministry pp. 24-25