Climate Change Abandoning Science |

TBC Staff

[TBC: As we have noted a number of times, "Climate Change" has become a religious belief. Consequently, as this article reports, "science" and "scientific principles" are being abandoned by those more dedicated to defending their faith and denying any contrary information which challenges their "faith." Instead, they establish their belief upon computer and mathematical models. It is admitted, however, that those dependent upon mathematical models (predictions) "can't test our predictions for the next 100 years against what will happen then" ( As the following article shows, science itself becomes a victim to their zeal.]

In The Changing Climate of Science Anthony J. Sadar demonstrates the the climate change advocates are in the process of abandoning science.:

Have mathematical models replaced good old-fashioned scientific testing?

An understanding of the big picture in a field of study helps to frame and give essential perspective to that field. Take the field of natural science for instance. A big-picture look at the overall operation of the natural science profession has traditionally been seen in the “scientific method,” which consists of observation, hypothesis and testing. Rigorous testing of a hypothesis eventually leads to a “theory.” 

This makes sense from an objective point of view. Although there is no particular set order to the arrangement of observation-hypothesis-testing, a good example of scientific practice would be the observation of a phenomenon in nature, hypothesizing the cause of the phenomenon, then testing (many times in many ways) the hypothesis. Sufficient confirmation of the hypothesis results in a theory that is tentative, subject to any future negation.

Of late, mathematical modeling, an essential investigative tool, appears to have taken over the world of natural science. And with the ascension of modeling, the focus in scientific endeavors — particularly in the practice of atmospheric science — may have shifted away from the rigor of testing to verify a hypothesis and toward constructing a model to represent a theory.

In this scenario "climate change" is little more than a new religion, one whose tenets are taken by faith.