Clothed With What? |

TBC Staff

In Ephesians 6 the Apostle Paul tells the church to put on the whole armor of God and then describes it. Has Bill Johnson's church, Bethel in Redding, CA has been "Stretching the truth with… Destiny Pants? '":

Recently, Bethel Pastor and Christalignment tarot reader extraordinaire, Theresa Dedmon, came out in defense of Destiny (tarot) card readings.

Another Bethel pastor defends the occult practices of Jen Hodge and Christalignment. Many Christians are rightly exposing Dedmon’s Bible twisting to justify her occultic tarot card practices. Her bizarre meanderings in defense of her Destiny Card divination practices are just as frivolous as her… Destiny Pants? This is not satire!

Does your fashion release the “love of God?” Do your pants enhance “awareness of God’s presence” or give people “heavenly encounters?” If your clothes are not doing this, then you need Theresa Dedmon’s ‘Destiny Pants’. Just as Destiny Cards give people encounters of the God kind, so too does Dedmon’s prophetic ‘Destiny Pants’ yoga leggings.

Want to move easier in the prophetic? Get those spirit filled Yoga leggings and grab those Christian Tarot cards! I would have like to make one of our satire commercials out of this for our Unknown Webcast but how can you make satire out of something that is already so far over the edge?

(Outreach Staff, "Clothed with…What?,” Midwest Christian Outreach Email Newsletter, 1/11/18).