College Course: Jews Just a Bunch of Illegal Colonists |

TBC Staff

A university appears to be exposing its anti-Israel bias by allowing a course that promotes Palestinian political ideology and describes Israelis as illegal colonists.

The course "Colonizing Palestine" at Tufts University will be taught by anti-Israel activist Thomas Abowd.

Tammi Rossman Benjamin of the pro-Israel group AMACHA says applying the term "colonialists" depicts Israel as the embodiment of evil.

"That's what colonialism studies is all about," she warns. "It's about painting certain groups, and certain countries in this case, as being evil and oppressors and the other countries that they have colonized as being the oppressed."

Campus Reform reports that pro-Israel students at Tufts are also condemning the course, saying it could "devolve into (anti-Israel) propaganda."

Benjamin says AMACHA, along with StandWithUs and the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, have condemned Tufts for offering the course.

"Do I believe that this course is not a legitimate academic offering? I do think that," Benjamine [said.] "I do think that there's a good chance, just given all the indications and red flags that we're seeing, I do think there's every good chance that this course does not have academic integrity." 

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