College Librarians Argue Christians Who Say 'God Bless You' are Islamophobic |

TBC Staff

If you’ve ever wished someone a “Merry Christmas” or said “God bless you” when someone sneezes, you’ve committed an act of “Islamomisic microaggressions,” according to college librarians at a Massachusetts college.

The Anti-Oppression Library Guide at Simmons College in Boston is a collaborative effort among the school’s librarians, reported

“Islamomisic Microaggressions are commonplace verbal or behavioral indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicates hostile, derogatory, or negative slights in relation to the beliefs and religious practices of Muslims,” the librarians argue. “They are structurally based and invoke oppressive systems of religious/Christian hierarchy.”

A spokesperson told Fox News the guide is not a policy of Simmons College.

“The information in this guide is an introductory resource intended to provide general information about anti-oppression, diversity, and inclusion,” the statement read. “It is by no means a complete guide to social justice issues, religions, conversations or points of view.”

As disclaimer, the guide adds, “We are not immune from the limits and hidden biases of our own privileges and perspectives as allies. We welcome and greatly appreciate any feedback and suggestions for the guide, particularly from the perspectives and experiences of the marginalized groups listed and not listed here.”

(Caleb Parke, “College librarians argue Christians who say ‘God bless you’ are Islamophobic,” FoxNews Online, 3/5/18).

[TBC: “Islamaphobia,” as is “homophobia,” is an invented word designed to be used for political advantage. As Middle East expert Daniel Pipes notes, “Coined in Great Britain a decade ago, the neologism Islamophobia was launched in 1996 by a self-proclaimed “Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia.” The word literally means “undue fear of Islam” but it is used to mean “prejudice against Muslims” and joins over 500 other phobias spanning virtually every aspect of life.

“The term presents several problems, however. First, what exactly constitutes an “undue fear of Islam” when Muslims acting in the name of Islam today make up the premier source of worldwide aggression, both verbal and physical, versus non-Muslims and Muslims alike? What, one wonders, is the proper amount of fear? Second, while prejudice against Muslims certainly exists, “Islamophobia” deceptively conflates two distinct phenomena: fear of Islam and fear of radical Islam.”

Furthermore, here are a few suggestions asked for as feedback for the Guide: First of all, since Muslims often refer to Allah as God, few if any would object to hearing “God bless you.” Secondly, since Jesus as "Isa" is referred to in over ninety verses in fifteen surahs in the Quran, true followers of Islam are not offended by his birth recognition. Third, dump this “Christophobia microaggression stupidity,” which is what it is in fact.]