Common Floods |

TBC Staff

Worldwide, anthropologists have recorded many flood stories in many cultures. Each of the stories contain amazing similarities. 

1. Humanity has corrupted itself through sin.

2. The supreme deity decides to send a great flood to destroy humanity.

3. An individual is chosen to build a craft for the preservation of life.

4. Representatives of all species are to be placed in the craft.

5. The flood destroys all those outside the craft.

6. Following the flood, the survivors emerge to repopulate the earth.

Consider the Apache version of the story of Noah: Originally the Apaches came from the underworld. There were other people populating the earth. Dios told an old man and old woman that it would rain forty days and nights. People were told to climb to the tops of four mountains (Tsisnatcin, Tsabidzilhi, Becdilhgai, and another unnamed mountain), but to avoid looking at the flood or sky. Most people didn't believe the older couple. When the flood began, few people made it to the mountain tops and shut their eyes. The people looking at the flood turned into fish or frogs. Those looking at the sky turned into birds. After eighty days, Dios instructed the 24 survivors to open their eyes and come down. They went into mountains. There were eight other people who survived the flood. They travelled by looking where they wanted to go, and they were there. These people gave the Apaches all the details about the flood before leaving and going into two mountains. Sometime during the turn of the millennium, the earth will be destroyed, but this time by fire.

(See for additional flood stories).

The details are fascinating considering how the similarities argue for humanity remembering the true biblical account.