Contending for the Faith |

TBC Staff

When Jesus discussed the signs of the last days with His disciples on the Mount of Olives (Matt 24), the first sign He cited was religious deception. Its extent today is unprecedented in history. That fact alone ought to make our regard for earnestly contending for the faith a major concern. It also means that there are so many deviations from the faith (1 Tim:4:1) to be considered, we may need to prioritize when and for what we contend. In regards to our own walk with the Lord, we are to examine everything that seems at odds with the Scriptures and make the necessary corrections. However, when it comes to biblically questionable teachings and practices being accepted and promoted by others, discernment may include when and how to address them. These days it is not uncommon to be wrongly perceived (or in fact to merit the reputation) as one who “finds fault with everything”; so seeking the Lord’s wisdom and leading is always critical to our contending being fruitfully received.

          T.A. McMahon, The Berean Call, August 1994