The In Crowd |

TBC Staff

[TBC: The Gospel and the Scriptures are not subject to the changing opinions of men. Neither should we base our biblical position upon the credentials or notoriety of those who agree with us. Yet, a Christian group which denies the historicity of much of Genesis chooses exactly this approach in order to bolster their standing. Following are some of the names listed as being supportive of what is called the Old Earth view]: 

Notable Christians Open to an Old Earth Interpretation

John Ankerberg 

Gleason Archer 

Michael Behe 

Henri Blocher 

James Montgomery Boice 

William JenningsBryan

Chuck Colson 

Norman Geisler 

Hank Hannegraff 

Jack Hayford 

Charles Hodge 

Walter Kaiser 

Meredith Kline 

Greg Koukl 

C. S. Lewis 

J. P. Moreland 

Robert Newman 

Greg Neyman 

Mark Noll 

J. I. Packer 

Nancy Pearcey

William Phillips 

Pat Robertson 

Hugh Ross 

Francis Schaeffer 

C. I. Scofield 

Chuck Smith Jr. 

David Snoke 

Lee Strobel 

Ken Taylor 

Bruce Waltke 

B. B. Warfield

TBC: In the interest of balance, here are some additional names of those who support the Old Earth view:

Charles Darwin

Carl Sagan

Julian Huxley

Many Popes

H. G. Wells

L. Ron Hubbard

Heinrich Himmler

Richard Dawkins

Joseph Stalin

Mao Tse-Tung