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The Christian Family Fellowship [Excerpts]

The Christian Family Fellowship is another non-Christian cult spreading in the already cult-saturated landscape of America. Unfortunately, the group is growing with fellowships in other states. I do not know how large the membership is but it appears to be in the thousands. This group appears to be an offshoot of The Way International, a decidedly non-Christian cult since it denies the deity of Jesus.

The Christian Family Fellowship Ministry describes itself as a "studying, teaching, and fellowship ministry." It says, "Our purpose is to study and search the scriptures to understand their accuracy regarding Jesus Christ, who is 'the way, the truth, and the life.'" This sounds good on the surface. But, when you dig into the site, you discover some serious problems.

The Christian Family Fellowship denies the doctrine of the Trinity.  On their website is an article written by a Rev. Jeff Rath (August 1998) titled, "The Historical background of the Trinity." In it Rev. Rath states, "The trinity originated with Babylon." He then goes on to attack the doctrine as an unbiblical teaching. He also states that "This polytheistic (believing in more than one god) trinitarianism was intertwined with Greek religion and philosophy." This is a misrepresentation of the Trinity doctrine which is decidedly not polytheistic. It is monotheistic.

Nevertheless, this does not stop Rev. Rath from trying to build a case in support of his false presupposition. Rev. Rath proceeds to quote early Christian creeds out of their context and sets them against each other in an attempt to make his case against trinitarianism. Additionally, Mr. Rath even quotes Arius of Alexander, a false teacher of the early church, and Victor Paul Weirwille, founder of the cult The Way International, who also denied the Trinity and deity of Christ. He cites numerous "scholars" and various works but none of his quotes contain any page numbers so they can be verified. He concludes his paper by stating, "In our day and time the doctrine of the trinity is a cornerstone of idolatry."

Elsewhere, in the same paper, Rev. Rath quotes an Anthony Buzzard who says, ". . . we shall find not a hint that Jesus believed himself to be an uncreated being who had existed from eternity. Matthew and Luke trace the origin of Jesus to a special act of creation by God when the Messiah's conception took place in the womb of Mary." Rev. Rath then says, "Arius and his followers believed that Jesus Christ was created, that he was not in the beginning with God. They believed that he had a beginning, whereas God has no beginning. This makes Jesus Christ substantially different from God, which means he cannot be of one-substance with God as the trinitarians believe."

Without a doubt, the Christian Family Fellowship ministry denies the deity of Christ. This fact alone makes this group a non-Christian cult.

[TBC: “I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins” (John:8:24).]