The Cult Explosion |

TBC Staff

Under the influence of a growing army of psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and sociologists (who largely control our public schools), millions of today’s youth have been persuaded to believe the serpent’s ancient lie, now clothed in psychological dogma: that there is nothing inherently wrong with the child “self,” and that any aberrant behavior is the fault of traumas suffered in the home. All blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the bewildered parents, who themselves were supposedly born with perfect psyches but were traumatized by their parents. At all cost, sin must be denied and moral responsibility to God for choices and actions must be explained away as conditioned responses forced upon the individual by society, glands, or environmental influences.... “Self realization”—with all the psychic powers that implies—holds a stronger appeal than ever for Adam’s and Eve’s modern and scientifically sophisticated descendants. Exactly as Christ and the apostles prophesied, the influence of this delusion upon the human race is accelerating.

Dave Hunt, The Cult Explosion, Harvest House, 1980, p 71