Question: Enclosed is a response to your Berean Call in The Lofton Letter [about Christian Reconstructionism]. Could you please respond? |

TBC Staff

Question: Enclosed is a response to your Berean Call in The Lofton Letter: “In his newsletter, The Berean Call (7/95), Dave Hunt, trashing Christian Reconstructionism, says a Christian takeover of the world ‘is neither taught nor hinted at anywhere in the Bible,’ that ‘Jesus certainly didn’t teach or engage in such a project....’ This assertion is asinine. Be a good Berean, Brother Dave. Search the Scriptures, friend, and you will see that the earth is already our Lord’s and that He already has all power over it.” Could you please respond? Thank you.

Response: Obviously, if “the earth is already our Lord’s and He already has all power over it,” then no “Christian takeover of the world” would be necessary and for that reason alone, exactly as I have stated, would neither be “taught nor hinted at anywhere in the Bible.” So I don’t know what Lofton’s quarrel with me could be. Of course, if he is a Reconstructionist, as it seems, then he believes that God’s power over the earth came about through Christ’s death and resurrection (“All power is given unto me in heaven and earth. Go ye therefore”- Mt 28:18-19) and that Christians, therefore, can take over the media, schools, government, etc. in Christ’s name.

In fact, God has always had power not only over this earth but over the entire universe. Does that mean that everything that happens is according to His will? Obviously not. God’s “control” of the universe did not prevent Lucifer from rebelling in His very presence. God surely had all power over the Garden of Eden and its inhabitants, but that did not prevent the serpent from doing his thing nor did it prevent Adam and Eve from rebelling. Why then suggest that because all authority has been given unto Christ as a result of His death and resurrection, Christians can therefore take over the world in His name? God’s kingdom does not come by force of arms but through the redemptive work of Christ and the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Far from promising them that they would take over the world, Christ told His disciples that they would be hated, persecuted and killed by this world’s inhabitants. And so it happened. True Christians have always suffered at the world’s hands exactly as Christ foretold. The Bible states that Antichrist will set up his kingdom. In fact, the entire world will worship him. He will make war with the saints and overcome them, and finally he will lead the armies of the world against Israel, and Christ will have to intervene to stop the destruction of all flesh at Armageddon. That hardly sounds like Christians will have taken over the world.