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Havner, Vance

There is no learned man but will confess that he hath much profited by reading controversies—his senses awakened, his judgment sharpened, and the truth which he holds more firmly established. All controversy being permitted, falsehood will appear more false, and truth the more true.

John Milton

Naturally, one can hardly expect a sermon on Micaiah [who stood up against the 400 false prophets of Israel] to be...popular....If such a prospect [one who would be like Micaiah] is reading this, God bless you. The odds will be four hundred to one, the diet may be bread and water, and the orders are: “...what the Lord saith unto me, that will I speak”...[but] get ready for trouble! You will be despised ...[and] hated....You will report to Heavenly Headquarters and get your orders from the Main Office...[so] think it over. You had better mean business, else your ministry will be pathetic instead of prophetic.

Vance Havner, The Best of Vance Havner, p. 109

Show the world the fruits of Christianity, and it will applaud. Show it Christianity, and it will oppose it vigorously.

Watchman Nee