Question: Is “Remote Viewing” as promoted by Ed Dames on Art Bell’s program valid or demonic? |

TBC Staff

Question: Is “Remote Viewing” as promoted by Ed Dames on Art Bell’s program valid or demonic?

Response: Ed Dames is a retired U.S. Army Major who heads Psi Tech, which offers Remote Viewing to the civilian market. He was involved for two years in a military unit devoted to this occult practice. You will find numerous references to him and to Psi Tech on the Internet.

Many others are involved in this practice, one of the best known being Professor Courtney Brown of Emory University who has also been on Art Bell several times (transcripts are available). Brown uses Remote Viewing to observe and contact alleged extraterrestrial intelligences (ETIs). In Cosmic Voyage he claims that “at least two alien civilizations have been, and continue to be, intimately involved with Earth humans.” Brown heads Farsight Institute, which offers a free course in “Scientific Remote Viewing.” This is about as scientific as a crystal ball or ouija board and uses the same occult powers.

Angels and demons are the only “ETIs” in existence, if one wants to call them that. We have shown that fact from Scripture and reason (see TBC Dec ’94, April ’95 and July ’95). I deal with this entire subject in depth, including Dames and Brown, in Occult Invasion. It provides almost encyclopedic information on occult practices not only in the world of education and science, but in psychology (both secular and “Christian”) as well as promotion of the occult among professing Christians, including leading evangelicals.

Malachi Martin (now deceased), Jesuit priest and onetime professor at the Vatican’s Pontifical Biblical Institute, was on the Art Bell Show with Dames. In Occult we provide excerpts from a transcript of the discussion the two had in which they both admit the “possibility” of occult involvement through Remote Viewing, including demon possession. Dames gives some frightening examples from his military experiences with this practice. But both also agree that the “safeguards” Dames utilizes for Remote Viewing prevent possession. Martin, who wrote Hostage to the Devil about possession and exorcism from the Roman Catholic point of view, is particularly enthusiastic about such “safeguards.” He commends Dames for his healthy fear of evil entities and for his trust in “angelic and divine protection.”

Remote Viewing has been used to locate lost persons, downed aircraft, etc., and has been scientifically verified to work through experiments conducted by SRI (formerly Stanford Research Institute). No “powers of the mind” can produce this phenomenon. Shamans have been “remote viewing” for thousands of years through so-called “spirit guides.” The Bible calls them “familiar spirits” and forbids contact with them because they are demons.

Dames explains that before he learned “professional techniques” he needed “faith [in] a higher God to protect me,” but that now he can protect himself. Martin, whom leading evangelicals have described as a Christian (in a radio debate with me, he admitted that he wore a scapular), commended Dames: “I’m speaking as a are overshadowed by a godliness which I can only ascribe to my Savior...,” to which Dames replied, “I’m also a simple Christian.”

The deception blinding both Dames and Martin can only be attributed to “the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the world” (Rv 12:9), also described as “the god of this world [who blinds] the minds of them which believe not...” (2 Cor:4:4). For further information about Remote Viewing, please consult Occult Invasion.