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McMahon, T.A.

Less is More

If you were aware of Dave’s printed itinerary over 2004, you noticed that some months it took up a half column or more. His travels this year had him away nearly as much as he was home. Although this was a blessing for those who got to hear him personally (as well as for him!), the trips took their toll on his writing productivity.

The goal for 2005 is to cut back appreciably on travel. Less time on the road reaching limited numbers of people means more time at home producing more resource materials, i.e., books, audios, videos, etc., that will reach a larger audience.

So, if your request to have Dave speak is regretfully turned down, don’t take it personally. It has to do with him trying to be as fruitful and productive as he can be in these days when the need for spiritual discernment has reached an unprecedented level in the church.

T.A. McMahon
Executive Director