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Dear Dave and T. A.,
In the midst of reading every newsletter, I feel I should contact you with a note of appreciation and thanks for your untiring labor for the cause of Christ.

The September 2012 Berean Call was no exception. The Harry Ironside quote, almost unheard in today’s church, says so much in such a few words. I cut it out and sent it my 30-year-old son…who thinks science holds all the answers to life….I pray that [my son] and all men will heed Ironside’s words while there is still time.
A short testimony [from a number of years ago]: After being out of the country for three years and [returning to visit] my parents…I made it a point to stop by the Christian bookstore. After walking around for several minutes and seeing the abundance of resources, I couldn’t figure out what to buy and take back with me. I told the clerk that I had been out of the country for three years and asked him what, even to me, was a strange question. I asked him what was new within the world of Christianity and what had I missed while I was gone. I know now that his pointing me to The Seduction of Christianity was not a fluke or coincidence but absolutely a God-incidence. From that time until this time I have received many insights and blessings from your writings. Please accept this “I thank you” from the bottom of my heart. The little work I now do for the cause of Christ was greatly influenced by what I learned from your untiring efforts. TG (FL)
Your recent emphasis on how Christian conservatives are setting their affections on things on the earth rather than on things above is right on. I’ve been into politics since 1960, joined the John Birch Society while in college in 1965, later was active in the American Party, and was on the board of the Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance. But in 1980 the Lord told me to get out of all those organizations. He showed me clearly (what I already knew) that even if all of our conservative goals were realized but the hearts of the people were not transformed by the saving power of Jesus Christ it would profit nothing.
I...know that only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can transform society, one life at a time. And of course the goal is not to transform American or any earthly society but to win souls to citizenship in a heavenly kingdom. CB (VA)
Dear Sirs:
After reading Edwin Newby’s article “A Shocking Lack of Discernment,” where he compares his understanding and discernment with that of Herbert Armstrong’s and Joseph Kovacs’ discernment and understanding, I now have a clear picture of what the truth of God really is. And it is not Newby’s! He shows his narrow mindedness and his accepting of the traditions passed down from the Roman Catholic Church without any true understanding of God’s purpose for mankind. His lack of research is abundantly evident that he has no or little understanding of God’s Word. Newby’s prejudice is pronounced by his lack of research and his lack of Holy Spirit. Of course in order to have correct discernment, one must start with the correct premises, and Mr. Newby apparently has no idea what they are. JC (AL)
Dear Brothers & Sisters at TBC,
I appreciate receiving your newsletters each month by email. I know a lot of work goes into the monthly issues and I want to thank everyone involved for their faithful efforts. God is good and will be coming soon to take home His saints! BC (Canada)
Berean Call,
I wish to thank you for the publishing of The Berean Call….I’m incarcerated and the study items [here] are very few unless you’re into eastern or Muslim religions. Your Berean Call is passed to many in here to help them understand God’s Word and what to be on alert for because many items in here are accepted as “from God.” JG (PA, prisoner)
I bought The Cult Explosion in 1980 and it sat in my bookcase until recently. I am aghast that it took me 30 years to open the second best revelation I have ever heard….Thanks for writing The Cult Explosion, the pages are yellow but the content is bright and powerful. DB (email)