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Dear Berean Call Staff,
Thanks for the April 2013 Berean Call newsletter. The article, “Catholicism—Christian? Or Cultic?” as well as the Quick Reference Guide, “Catholicism vs. The Bible” helped solidify our personal beliefs and gave us concrete material to share with others….
As “born again” believers saved out of cultism (specifically, Mormonism), it is sad to see how much compromise is occurring between Christians and those that “have another gospel.”
Thank you for your faithfulness in providing sound materials, especially the quick reference guides. It is our fervent prayer that we will have both the courage and opportunity to use them wisely as God leads. R&LA (AZ)
Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for being obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been excited about the weekly STS 24/7 broadcasts. They are so informative and interesting. I don’t happen to meet folks of the level that are being interviewed and I am so glad that you are! TF (email)
Dear Tom and Staff of TBC,
We are writing to convey our gratitude for the life, writings, research, and clear direction that has been given to us by Dave Hunt and the ministry....
We are so very grateful to you for continuing in the ministry and giving the much needed warnings and guidance to the church today. Sadly, we find that there seem to be so few “ears to hear,” but we are blessed by a small minority from the up-and-coming generation of leaders that have not forsaken the fountains of living water. Your work is so vital and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We have many friends and family members who are caught up in various forms of false teachings and you have given us the clarity to dialogue with them, as well as materials to offer them.
We will miss Dave, and our prayers go out to all of you who personally feel the loss of such a great friend. However, we rejoice with you that he is “in His presence.” L&MW (MO)
Dear Bereans,
At a recent reading of the Scriptures, I was appalled by the exclusion of critical words in the text that are integral to our understanding of doctrine: words still found in older translations. Meanings were altered and foundational truth was only a sugar-coated shell of “feel good” isms. What has become of the Christian’s responsibility to rightly discern the Word of God and insist on accurate renditions of God’s revelation?
In his August TBC article “One More Translation: One More Step Away From the Truth,” Edwin Newby hardly scratched the surface of the watering down of Truth that modern translators are foisting upon us in order to advance their own flawed agendas. They will pay a horrible price for their part in unbiblical deceptions. Berean beware! KK (OR)
Dear Mr. McMahon,
I want to thank you for carrying on so faithfully with the wonderful ministry of The Berean Call. There is no other ministry that I trust more. I am especially encouraged to hear of your burden for today’s youth. There are so many times when I’m speaking with the Lord that I weep for the young people, thinking they don’t stand a chance in today’s antichrist culture. But I am reminded that God’s hand is not shortened at all that it cannot redeem, and He still has power to deliver. And He still has a few true servants who love His Word and who uncompromisingly labour on to speak truth and contend for the faith. May God continue to bless and strengthen you, your family, and your co-labourers as you stand so faithfully for Him. AT (Canada)
Dear Friends,
I just want to thank you all for continuing to stand up and be counted with the soldiers of Christ...and for earnestly contending for the faith. You all have been such a rich blessing to me...especially in the environment I live in!
I have been incarcerated for 17 years now....The Lord has called me to the ministry of preaching and teaching and The Berean Call has been a constant help, assisting my “equipping process.”
As the years go by more and more aberrant doctrines are popping up everywhere. While I was reading “They Claim to Speak for God, Part 2” (June 2013), I realized that this “new apostles” movement is the main doctrine being taught here....These teachings have hindered the remnant of Bible-believing Christians in soul winning and genuine Bible discipleship. Please pray for us! CP (FL, prisoner)
Dear Berean Call Family,
I am eager for each issue of the informative and helpful newsletter and read it several times. The recent two-part series “The Critical Value of the Bible” is excellent. Thanks for your emphasis on the Word! We live in a troubled world. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”  Ps:46:1. May we keep our focus on Him as we await the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ for the church. KK (PA)