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I just watched Israel, Islam, and Armageddon. Excellent, excellent documentary. Highly recommended with two thumbs up! RB (Comment on TBC Facebook page)

Dear Berean Call,
I have just finished reading Dave Hunt’s marvelous book, Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny. I’m not a scientist, but the facts Dave presented put Darwinism and atheists in a vice grip from which they can’t escape, despite their arrogant, blustering ridicule. Sometimes I chuckled at Dave’s humor in exposing how ridiculous evolution is. I enjoyed the book immensely. What a magnificent magnum opus for Dave Hunt. EM (email)

Dear Berean Call Ministry,
I just wanted to thank you for your [August and September] newsletters, which were packed with fascinating and useful information. I especially appreciated the two-part series, “The Age of the Earth.” I had been looking high and low for just this type of information about the unreliability of our current “scientific” age dating techniques. This condensed article is perfect for my needs! I also appreciated the interesting article, “Job and His Friends.” I once read an entire book on Job, and not once did the author suggest that Job may have needed to endure his trial. What a revelation! I also loved all the gems of insight contained in the article “Great is the Mystery,” in particular the reference to the true source of information (not DNA) and also the rise of evil through Satan’s pride. Also the September Quotable “...even the most irksome chore is there to be done for God and His glory.” A new perspective on drudgery! Somebody has to scrub that toilet, so adopt a good attitude about it. And last but not least, “Big Bang’s Big Problem” in NewsWatch. Ka-Boom! Thanks so much for two exceptionally excellent issues! DG (email)

To The Berean Call,
Greetings! As one who expounds on the brotherhood of those who worship the one true God, I was shocked and dismayed by the May issue. Why would someone need to go to a football game and tear pages out of a holy Qur’an? To show their hatred. That’s not Christian, or godly. That’s inciting a riot....

Muslims consider ourselves one Ummah (tribe or community), transcending color or nation. (I believe Christians are supposed to feel the same way.) So an attack on Islam is a “racist” attack.

Surah 5:51 speaks on not taking Christians and Jews as friends and protectors [because] they are friends and protectors of one another. This was proven time and again during the life of the prophet Muhammad. When he tried to befriend them they sought to attack him within his own community after being paid to do so by other Arabs.

Of course, we don’t have to worry about that today as Christians and Jews would never seek to attack Muslims any more, right?

Jihad means to struggle to bring oneself to submission to Allah’s will—not “Holy War” against other men. There was no compulsion to faith in Islam, and no war against children and non-combatants. And NO suicide! True, there are some misguided Muslims who have not read the holy Qur’an, just like there are some misguided Christians who have not read the Holy Bible. KN (TX, prisoner)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
I have received The Berean Call for very many years and always have been grateful for its outspoken, unafraid commentary. My passion is for truth, and am cognizant of Jesus’ warning “do not be deceived,” also realizing that even at 81 (my age) this is possible—a horrifying thought.

Also frightful, and very unnerving is our government’s militant, pro-Palestinian stance. Another subject altogether! MO (South Africa)

Berean Call,
I thank you millions for your online conference. I was going to send questions but most speakers answered them in their messages. Wonderful, wonderful speakers. I have heard most of what was spoken in the conference messages. Otherwise it would have been overwhelming. There is hope. If I was saved at 44 years old, there is hope! CW (CA)