Defending the Truth of the Bible |

TBC Staff - EN

Sadly, most of the leading apologists in the church today are defending “their faith,” but failing to defend the truth of Scripture at one of the greatest points of attack: Genesis 1–11 (which is ultimately the foundation of the gospel itself, so that an attack on it is indirectly an attack on the gospel). Worse than that, many of these apologists are …undermining (subtly attacking) the truth of Scripture by using the myth of the big bang and millions of years to “reinterpret” Genesis to make it seem to be “confirmed by science.” But such “reinterpretations” are exegetically indefensible and simply indirect ways of saying “the Bible is wrong…” The God of the big bang and millions of years of death, disease, extinction, and natural disasters is not the God of the Bible.

True apologists will not “defend their faith.” They will defend the truth of the Bible, which should be the object of our faith and the inerrant source of truth we must believe. Only when we trust the Word of God are we really trusting God. It is the rock we should build our lives on, not on the shifting sands of human reasoning (Matthew:7:24–27). Genesis teaches creation in six literal days, about 6,000 years ago, and a global Flood in Noah’s day. And the scientific evidence (divorced from the atheistic, naturalistic assumptions controlling the majority of scientists) overwhelmingly confirms the literal truth of Genesis and exposes the lie of evolution and millions of years, as the books, DVDs, and articles on this website show. Let God be true and every man a liar (Romans:3:4)!

--Dr. Terry Mortenson (lecturer and researcher with Answers in Genesis)