Demographic Jihad |

TBC Staff

Islam is today the fastest growing faith in the Western world, and nearly 20 million inhabitants of the European Union are self-avowedly Muslims.  If present trends continue, by 2020, Muslims will account for 10 percent of the overall population of Europe and exceed 10 million in America.  This population is expanding by immigration and an enormous birth rate that far exceeds that of the indigenous population....

Almost a tenth of all babies born in EU countries are Muslim, and in the moribund Brussels the figure was over 50 percent.  With the expanding numbers and the creation of distinctly Muslim neighborhoods in Western, primarily European cities, the initial detachment of culture from territory has been reversed, and the bold notion of conquest by demographic rather than military means entered the activists’ minds.... 

In the ensuing decades [since the 1981 Third Islamic Summit Conference], a new mosque was opened somewhere in the Western world twice every week.

The Sword of the Prophet:Islam history, theology, impact on the world p.263-264

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