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TBC Staff

Fossils all over the world show evidence of rapid burial. Many fossils, such as fossilized jellyfish, show by the detail of their soft, fleshy portions that they were buried rapidly, before they could decay. (Normally, dead animals and plants quickly decompose.) Many other animals, buried in mass graves and in twisted and contorted positions, suggest violent and rapid burials over large areas These observations, together with the occurrence of compressed fossils and fossils that cut across two or more layers of sedimentary rock, are strong evidence that the sediments encasing these fossils were deposited rapidly—not over hundreds of millions of years. Furthermore, almost all sediments were sorted by water. The worldwide fossil record, is, therefore, evidence of rapid death and burial of animal and plant life by a worldwide, catastrophic flood. The fossil record is not evidence of slow change.

    Walt Brown, In The Beginning, Brown, 7th ed. 2001, p. 9