The Disaster of Zimbabwe |

TBC Staff

[TBC: We have tried to highlight the growing disaster of Zimbabwe under the rule of Mugabe. Here are some excerpts from various sources giving details of his despotic reign on the populace and Christians in particular.]

Kenya warns of Rwanda-style disaster in Zimbabwe

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga warned on Wednesday that Zimbabwe could descend into a disaster akin to Rwanda's 1994 genocide
if the world did not intervene rapidly to remedy the crisis.

"Zimbabwe right now is a disaster in the making," Odinga, one of the most
outspoken critics of President Robert Mugabe among African leaders, told

"If the world does not act now, we will soon have a situation very similar
to what we saw in Rwanda," he said, referring to the 100-day slaughter of
800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus in the east African nation.

Zimbabwe Christians Facing Famine And Persecution, Aid Workers Say [Excerpts]

Christians in several areas of Zimbabwe faced more food shortages Wednesday, May 14, amid ongoing turmoil and reported persecution of churches in the country, once called 'the breadbasket of Africa.'

Local and international churches backed by aid groups have said they are rushing to organize distribution of food aid among the poorest in their congregations.

Barnabas Fund, a Christian aid group working in the region, said support could not come soon enough. One, "church group had traveled by foot through the night to collect their food. We gave all that was left but it was sadly very clear that not all families received food. The local pastors explained that the food would be shared."

However, aid has been hampered by government officials suspicious of Christian leaders who have infiltrated various church organizations, Christians said. Several church leaders have reportedly had their phones tapped and their e-mails monitored. In addition, Church officials apparently received phone calls from the intelligence agency asking why they were in contact with certain individuals or groups.

In published remarks, Barnabas Fund said prayer meetings have been stormed by police with dogs, batons and tear gas. "Many" church ministers have been beaten, arrested and falsely accused of organizing anti-government rallies, the group added.