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TBC Staff

Shock find: Netanyahu dividing Jerusalem [Excerpts]

The Israeli government quietly has begun constructing the country's security barrier along a controversial route that will effectively block off Jewish property and an important Jewish neighborhood from the rest of Jerusalem, WND has learned.

The scenario will likely be surprising to political observers here. During his candidacy, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke about the importance of maintaining and developing a Jerusalem region called E1, specifically the Jewish neighborhood of Maale Adumim in eastern Jerusalem. The Palestinians want that area as part of a state.

The new barrier route, however, will essentially isolate the so-called Palestinian side of Maale Adumim, as well cordon off local Jewish property.

Since 2002, the security barrier has created a de facto border between Jerusalem and the West Bank. The new route now threads along an area called Anata, leaving eight acres of property owned by Jews on the Palestinian side. The previous governments of Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon delayed construction of the barrier in the area, largely because the route was being contested by local Jewish landowners, but also because it would disconnect Maale Adumim from greater Jerusalem. A Supreme Court case on the subject is pending.

In spite of the ongoing court case…Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak personally visited the Jerusalem areas in question and unilaterally ordered the defense ministry to construct the barrier through Anatot, blocking off Jewish land and helping to isolate Maale Adumim….