Do “The Chosen” Mormon Executive Producers see Mormonism and Christianity coming together? |

TBC Staff

“So I love the fact that our communities are coming together with our celebration, our worship, and our faith,” states Brad Pelo, one of the Mormon Executive Producers of The Chosen, and the driving force behind The Chosen Christmas Special [1] (emphasis mine)

Well, there’s a memorable quote. Remember the claim that The Chosen is not produced by Mormons?

The Mormon involvement in The Chosen is hands-on. During the interview, Mormon Executive Producer Brad Pelo said: “…it’s my responsibility as Chief Distribution Officer to figure out how to keep fans engaged…” [2]

Pelo suggested to Dallas Jenkins they should have the Christmas Special, and it was the Mormon Executive Producers of The Chosen, Brad Pelo and Derral Eves, who were primarily responsible for putting it together. Speaking on an ostensibly Christian podcast, Pelo stated: …but I would hope speaking into your audience that to the broader Christian community you will see our heart and my heart about coming together, you know Dallas had some opinions about how things would be done but Derral and I produced that, that represents our sort of offering of let’s come together.. [3] (emphasis mine)

We are watching, I believe, the growing spiritual unity between those of different faiths via The Chosen. This is a spiritual syncretism centered around an ecumenical, false Christ. Christianity, Mormonism, and mystical Catholicism are coming together. Differences are becoming blurred in the eyes and hearts of many. Because, after all, we have heard again and again, this is the “authentic Jesus.”

And as Mormon Executive Producer Deral Eves noted:

…and this authentic Jesus needs to go out to more people, we want to get it out to a billion people…[4] (emphasis mine)

What did Dallas Jenkins, who describes himself as evangelical, think of Brad Pelo’s work on The Chosen Christmas Special? According to Pelo:

Okay, you did it, [Dallas Jenkins] says, that means a lot to me that you would work alongside me to help make this happen…. [5] (emphasis mine)

During the interview, still speaking about The Chosen Christmas Special, Pelo casually mentioned:

….most people probably didn’t realize there are a couple of Latter Day Saint artists in those performers you know, and they’re some of the most beloved…. [6] (emphasis mine)

While this article primarily looks at Brad Pelo’s comments about The Chosen Christmas Special, there can be no doubt about Mormon influence and involvment throughout the history of the show.

As noted, some of us put entertainment ahead of Christ. Another reason for acceptance of The Chosen is that many in the visible church simply do not read the Bible and meditate upon the Scriptures with any consistency. And how can we really know who He is and what God expects of us if we don’t know His Word?

Some final thoughts. You may fully realize the ramifications of this….show… that alters Bible stories and characters, and presents an appealing, relateable, and utterly false Christ to millions. But be patient with the brother or sister who does not yet understand this.

It may take much prayer, reasoning, and the Scriptures to open eyes and hearts. It may take time. It does no good to lash out at someone in your church if they don’t react as you know (think) they should when first hearing about this. You may well be speaking to someone who has no concept or understanding of the holiness of Christ.

And there are some eyes and hearts that will never be opened. And Jesus answered and said to them, “See to it that no one misleads you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many. (Matt:24:4-5)

The Jesus of The Chosen is a false Christ.

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