Does Your Emoji Skin Tone Choice Signal Your Level of “Privilege”? |

TBC Staff

[TBC: An “emoji" is a smiley or other symbol, pictogram, logogram, or ideogram placed in text in electronic messages and web pages.]

What does your emoji skin tone choice say about you? Well, according to an article from NPR, your choice of yellow or a shade of brown when texting using emojis could speak to your level of “privilege.” One researcher quoted in the article argues, “‘the skin tone emojis make white people confront their race as people of colour often have to do’ . . . emojis are giving us a place ‘to think about who we are, and how we want to represent our identities, and maybe it does change depending on the season; depending on the context.’”

Is your emoji choice “a simple texting shortcut,” or does it “open a complex conversation about race and identity”? Well, that really depends on your starting point and whether you view the world through the lens of critical race theory and intersectionality, as the authors of this article (and those they quoted throughout it) clearly do. Rather than starting with God’s Word, they start with man’s ideas and interpret the world through that lens. And it leads to absurdity!

Starting from a biblical worldview, if I used such an emoji, I would choose brown because everyone is brown. No one is “black” or “white.” You see, the main pigment in our skin is melanin, and it’s a brown pigment (producing many different shades from dark to light)—so everyone is just a different shade of the same basic color: brown!

As Christians, we need to avoid the trap our culture has fallen into of judging others by their outside! It’s the inside, the real person, that matters: “man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart” (1 Samuel:16:7).