A Doomsday Prediction: Too Many People | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

Yet another study suggests families can fight climate change by reducing the number of children but a longtime skeptic calls it more scare-mongering. 

The study published in Environmental Research Letters aligns with warnings that Earth can only survive climate change if people have fewer children, avoid automobiles and airline travel, and switch to a plant-based diet.

"They don't want human beings left to themselves to make free choices," responds Climate Depot’s Marc Morano, a skeptic of claims of man-made climate change.

It's not a new idea. [It was reported] that feminist icon Gloria Steinem is advocating for a smaller world population to prevent "climate deprivation," or worsening of the Earth's temperatures.   

One of the most famous apologists is John Holdren, the Obama administration science advisor who warned in the 1970s that human development would doom the planet unless mothers aborted their children or used sterilization to prevent pregnancy. 

When [challenged] the Politifact website ran to his defense to clarify that the authors weren't advocating for measures such as sterilants in the water supply – only warning they could happen if people didn't take advantage of birth control via abortion and sterilization.

Forty years before Holdren co-authored the "Ecoscience" textbook, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was preaching a similar message: prevent overcrowding the planet with undesirable races and the infirmed through birth control and sterilization, and by abortions and euthanasia.

What such people envision for the rest of us, says Morano, is "bureaucratic central planning" led by people who consider themselves a "mastermind" to improve the world.

Morano points out that wealthy First World countries are already having less children.

"Analysts are now saying that populations are going to stabilize and actually decline in the next 50 to 100," he adds. "This is more scare-mongering and it's more about their agenda to try to social engineer human beings."

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