Eating Meat |

TBC Staff

On billboards the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are promoting the notion that "Jesus was a vegetarian." Clearly, their main goal is to sway people to their cause, using any means possible. 

The Bible has much to say in opposition to this idea,  something with more agreement with Science than PETA’s position.  Scientific research clearly indicates that people were designed to be omnivores. Our teeth’s composition is not the same as that of herbivores. If humans are omnivores and not herbivores, is it not logical that we were designed to eat meat? Further, from the testimony of Jesus of Nazareth and the apostle Paul we must conclude that the God of the Bible had this in mind when He created humanity. The PETA folks are not biblically ignorant, nor can they knowingly believe that Jesus Christ was a vegeterian.

Jesus prepared and fed meat to his disciples (John:21:9-13). He multiplied loaves and fish to feed several multitudes (Matthew:14:15-21, Matthew:15:32-38). PETA's need for promoting their cause blinded them to the plain pronouncements of Scripture. Thus it is with many issues.

See “Was Jesus a Vegetarian? The Billboard Says So! But Was He?” ( 2.2.htm#editorial).