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TBC Staff

So the debate goes on: Is the purpose-driven method simplifying Christianity in exchange for church growth? The founder of the movement says the conflicts and divisions are inevitable costs.

"You know, I wouldn't intentionally want to cause pain to any person or to anyone," [Rick] Warren said. "Am I willing to put up with pain so the people [that] Jesus Christ died for can come to know him? Absolutely."

Warren said that if some churches may suffer as a result of applying some of those principles, then "that's the price."

"Every church has to make the decision. … Is it going to live for itself, or is it going to live for the world that Jesus died for?"

When asked if he thinks that some of these splits are actually because Christians themselves are indulgent and refusing to change, Warren said, "Oh, without a doubt."

And when asked if he blames them, he replied, "I do blame them."


[TBC: See any irony here? The obvious market-driven approach of "The Purpose Driven Life" (the contemporary music, the seeker-sensitive teaching, and their psychology-based programs) seem to be formulated to indulge the flesh. Yet, those who want a faith established on the Rock of Jesus Christ and the principles of his Word are "indulgent"?]