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TBC Staff

[TBC: Much like other movements (Communism, Humanism, etc.), the Emergent Church has issued a new book with their own manifesto. Here is an excerpt.]

"I am a Christian today because of a Hindu meditation master. She taught me some things that Christians had not. She taught me to meditate, to sit in silence and openness in the presence of God.... I believe that all people are children of God."

("Emergent Manifesto of Hope," Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt, ed., Emersion, 2007,  p.45.)

While missionary C.T. Studd wrote about his desire to run a rescue station "within a yard of hell," "emergent" Christians do not to seek to deliver "people from the jaws of hell." To the contrary, their goal is "to be in relationship with people who in many ways are different" (Ibid, p. 35).