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TBC Staff

A video of a white teacher from Loudon County, Virginia protesting the required Critical Race Theory (CRT) training for teachers is a highlight of Andrea Widburg’s article, “Maybe the pendulum is starting to swing on cancel culture.” Take one minute to watch this female fireball, and you’ll hear what so many of us are thinking but afraid to say.

As the teacher demonstrates, teaching whites that their skin color makes them racists is in itself racist. “You are the face of privilege…” she tells the School Board. “If you keep up this racist insanity, you will have successfully stripped us of every ounce of love of teaching, and so far you have succeeded in doing that.”

Yet Critical Race Theory has spread beyond Loudon County. Widburg reports in a more recent article that CRT has now infected North Carolina’s Wake County schools, the state’s largest school district. In what Widburg describes as a “festival of race hatred,” school administrators “told white teachers they must ‘challenge the dominant ideology’ of ‘whiteness’ and ‘disrupt’ white culture.” When one teacher asked about parental pushback against such a program, the leaders of the CRT workshops told them to ignore parents and force the CRT curriculum on their students.

For years now many of our schools, including our universities, have failed to teach students American history. Today they are mixing that ignorance with a poisonous radicalism. Young people who can’t name our enemies in World War II or explain the basics of our Constitution will readily identify the United States as a racist cesspool, an evil oppressor both at home and abroad.

More fortunate parents have the opportunity to enroll their children in private schools or teach them at home. Regarding that latter choice, we live at a time when homeschooling has never been easier. Scores of hard copy resources and scores more online help provide parents the tools they need to educate their children.

The greatest gift a parent can give to this dark world is an adult who can think critically, can discern truth from lies, and understand and practice virtue. Children are still our greatest natural resource, and we need them to come of age as educated, morally sound citizens.

As for the CRT crew, nearly 40 years ago Richard Mitchell, author of The Leaning Tower of Babel, had this to say of what he called “educationists”: “They dream of being priests and prophets, lofty enlighteners, healers of disordered young psyches, beneficent agents of social change.”

Those dreams have now become nightmares for the rest of us. It’s time to put an end to them.


[TBC: While making some good points, the author doesn’t address the real “greatest gift." As parents, we are all concerned about our children. We do well to memorize such Scriptures as Proverbs:22:6 and stand on the promise it contains. When Paul preached the Gospel to the Philippian jailer, he said, “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house...” (Acts:16:31). 

Jesus admonished His disciples to “suffer little children and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Luke18:16-17).

And as a parent, our heavenly Father understands the wants, needs, and desires of our heart. Consider the promises of Psalm 128. Let us be faithful to do our part and teach, train, and pray for our children (Deuteronomy:6:6-9).]