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Entertaining blasphemers

TBC: We are increasingly concerned with a number of reports seen regarding evangelical churches inviting false teachers into their services. For example, singer Joel Hemphill, writer of the popular song “He’s still working on me,” has for several years emphatically denied the deity of Christ. His “revelation,” according to his own statement, was progressive. "Along with many other things that He told me, He said for me to study the Scripture, as He was going to reveal Himself to me in His word. This seemed strange as I was forty-six years old, had been saved since I was ten, had been a minister of the Gospel since the age of nineteen and thought I had a pretty good grasp on who He was. I was Mistaken!" (http://www.trumpetcallbooks.com/index.html).

This message, according to Hemphill, came “Early in 1986, in a time of spiritual weakness on my part…” Hemphill specifically titles his article, “A Message from God” (http://www.thehemphills.com/messagefromgod.html). He sounds very much like Charles Taze Russell (founder of the JWs) and other cultists whose revelations always present “another Jesus” (2 Corinthians:11:4).

In his book, Glory To God In The Highest, Hemphill follows the path of the cultists: "The doctrine of the Trinity and the Incarnation, as taught in modern Christian theology, is one of the greatest frauds that has ever been perpetrated in the history of humanity...These doctrines were designed by the master deceiver..." (pp. 244-246).

"For some 1700 years, since the Council of Nicaea, Christianity has followed Plato in his demon-inspired beliefs that "God" exists in three persons..." (p283).

"Based on these Biblical as well as historical facts, it is time for Christianity to acknowledge the pagan origins of its doctrines of the Trinity and the Incarnation, repent and purge itself of these "demon-inspired" and promoted teachings..." (p380).

Currently, he continues to appear in some Assembly of God Churches, Southern Baptist, and other evangelical churches, as seen in his recent and past schedules.

Finally, in a phone interview, Hemphill stated emphatically “We are going to bring down the doctrine of the Trinity!” The interviewer notes, “I made him repeat it several times and then wrote it down and read it back to him several times so I wouldn’t misquote him”

(“Musician Joel Hemphill Says, ‘We Are Going to Bring Down the Doctrine of the Trinity,’ Part 1, a special report by Dr. Robert L. Sumner, Volume 44, The Biblical Evangelist, Number 2, May - July 2013).