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TBC Staff

Evan Almighty Review [Excerpts]

I was asked this week to review Evan Almighty when it opened on June 22. Before then, I hadn’t any plans to see it, since I figured it would be in the same vein as its predecessor Bruce Almighty, which I didn’t see (and still don’t plan to).

So, after receiving the assignment to review the movie, I thought I’d read up on what others were saying, especially in the Christian community. Most were (and are) billing it as a family-friendly film (it is rated PG) that Christians should support so that Hollywood realizes there’s money to be made in offering good, wholesome family entertainment. Christianity Today sported an advertisement cover for the movie, and Baptist Press posted a favorable review of Evan. (Incidentally, Answers magazine was asked to host an ad for the movie in its issue on the Ark. AiG refused.)

But few mentioned the one point that originally caused me to shy away from both films—the fact that God, who cannot be looked on by sinful flesh, is personified by a man (Morgan Freeman). Not the incarnate Son of God, Jesus Christ, who walked among and fellowshipped with people, but God the Father, who is so holy that even Moses wasn’t able to look at Him. And yet, we have here a man portraying the holy and righteous Creator of the universe and sovereign Savior of the world.