Evergreen State College Rolls Out Daily Tarot Card Reading | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

Evergreen State College, one of the most “woke” campuses in the nation, continues to live up to its name.

Despite plummeting enrollment and budget woes, the Washington-based college manages to maintain an office called the “Office of Spirituality & Meaning Making.”

The person who runs that office — who makes about $53,000 annually plus benefits — now offers daily tarot card readings on the student activities Instagram page.

The news was first reported by Benjamin Boyce, an alumnus of Evergreen and one of its most vocal critics, who has made a series of videos about the campus, which does not shy away from its far-left progressive reputation.

It made national headlines in 2017 after it came to light that college leaders had asked white people to stay off campus for a day.

Over the last weekend, Boyce tweeted a copy of an email announcing the tarot readings, noting that “Evergreen State College (whose enrollment has tanked to 50% pre-protest) has hired someone to run a ‘Office of Spirituality & Meaning Making.’ Their job includes a daily Tarot reading.”

“I don’t know how further they can degrade my degree—but I’m sure they’ve more up their sleeve,” he added.

Boyce filed a public information request for the salary of the woman who runs the office and offers the tarot readings, and on Tuesday tweeted the reply from the campus spokesperson.